So...hi Lj community. Fun stuff (aka, angst/ annoyance) I just read the sequel to all-american girl, yes...yes, I am ashamed at the girly-ness, and well...it was very very...mature. As in, I reread the same paragrph several times because I couldn't believe the innocent book I had read had spawned this...this...this deliciously full of scandel. I don't keep up with any gossip in my school. This allowed me to see a little into the minds of other girls, who have boyfriends and worry about this stuff. I don't have any intrest for either gender in that way, but it showed how someone who did would have to worry about all sort of different things. Meg Cabot writes some really girly books, but they are my absolute pleasure to read. also, Hellboy references. just love.
Now for the Annoyance. I seem to be getting out of my slash love. This irritates me to no end. Does this mean I have to read normal romances? god, that would be...easier, but horrible. I want my adorable ukes, and lovable semes!! D: Same with invader zim. I appear to be moving into marvel and dc comics, and out of manga. Which also sucks. Where am I going to get my happy go lucky love love crap now? Theres no happy crap in super hero fights! I seem to be a victim of teen apathy. I find my self becoming less and less concerned with life around me, and more concerned with the characters in my head. Gahh!! This wouldn't concern me if not for the fact that when i daydream, apperently my smile is 'creepy'. urg... more later.

First entry...

so...Allow me to spaz a moment- OMIPRIMUS, I'M ACTUALLY POSTING SOMETHING THIS MARKS ME AS NOLONGERALURKERYAY!...Alright, spazing has stopped, and I apologize for that. I guess this journal is for talking about me right? like a diary except the whole world reads it and whats the point of that really?
Well...I'm fifteen, female, blonde(and all the dumb brain cells that come with it), a hopeless fangirl, cartoon junkie, with anime on the side. I support slash, straight, and femmeslash pairings (though I don't read femmeslash, if its there, I will probally support it, or your choice to support it) ooh! And crack pairings. Gotta love those crack pairings. I support ALOT of pairings. Mainly disney...and cartoony tv shows, and movies, cartoony or otherwise.
L&S- Lilo/Stitch, Nani/David, Jumba/Pleakley,
Aladdin- Aladdin/Genie (but only if there isn't any Jasmine bashing), Jasmine/Aladdin
B&B- Belle/Beast, Mrs.Potts/Muarice, Lumiere/Cogsworth
Osmosis Jones- Jones/Drix, Jones/Thrax, Jones/Leah, Drix/Leah
HTTYD- Hiccup/Toothless, Hiccup/Astrid(Don't support this as much-Astrid seems a little to mary-sueish)
Toy Story- Buzz/Jessie, Woddy/Bo-Peep, Buzz/Woody, Ken/Barbie
Gargoyles- Elisa/Goliath, Fox/Xanatos, Demona/Macbeth, Xanatos/Owen, Magus/Kathrine, Talon/Maggie
Anastasia- Anya/Demitri
Transformers- Sam/Bee, Sam/Mikeala, Leo/Simmons (I know, and I even feel a little guilty for liking this pair...aw well. More fic!) Ironhide/Will (still slightly confused as to how I came to be liking this one...)
Who Framed Roger Rabbit- Jessica/Roger
Harry Potter- Harry/Ginny, Hermione/Ron, Remus/Sirus, Remus/Tonks, James/Lily, Lily/Severus, Dumbledore/Grindlewald, Harry/Voldemort (I don't even know...), Neville/Luna
Very Potter Musical- Ron/Hermione, Voldemort/Quirrel, Draco/Hermione, Cho-Chang/Chedric,
POTO- Erik/Cristine (never gonna happen, but I wish it could)
Doctor Who- Jack/Rose/Doctor(9 or 10), Master/Doctor
Labyrinth- Jareth/Sarah (is there really any other pairing in this one?)
MirrorMask- Valentine/Helena
Beetlejuice- Adam/Barbara (not my main favorite in this, but love 'em anyway) Charles/Delia(same as A/B) Betelguese/Lydia (when Lydia grows up, Prince Vince/Lydia (oneside Vince loves Lydia) Claire/Sandworm (come on! They DESERVE each other! *gets chased by outraged sandworm*) Jaques/Ginger
Tsubasa Chronicle- KuroFai, and the canon kids in the background :)
XXXHolic- Watanuki/Yuuko, Watanuki/Himawari (onesided, after W/Y get together...Stop judging me...)
Ponyo- Ponyo/Sosuke, Fujimotto/Granmammare
Hellsing- Alucard/Seras
Invader Zim- Zim/Dib (but I don't see anyway it could happen- they hate each other...), Gaz/Tak, Gaz/Gir, Gir/Mimi, Purple/Red (Purple isn't a wuss! what's wrong with these people?)
and many many more...
meh...I don't like breakin up a guy who is with a strong female character just so they can screw, but I do make some exceptions- Tallahase/Columbus- I don't like Krista, she just pisses me off. I like Mikeala on screen, but when it comes to fics or art, Bee/Sam is just better written/drawn. She has to much of a complicated personality for her to be easy to write.
As for L&S...I really don't like Angel. Can we just forget she exists? Similarly, Keoni seems to know Lilo has a crush on him. Well, he has to know and is being an asshole, or he is just stupid. Astrid has the same story as Mikaela- Falls for dorky boy she forgot existed, and suddenly is the ultimate caring love intrest- except Mikaela is more realistic, and has flaws. Astrid is just to fast changing from no intrest to hate to love- same way I feel about Twilight- Not enough transition time, therefore changing the character into a mary sue.
If anyone wants, send me a prompt and I'll write some fic, or if I'm feeling really adventurous, some art. Please have it be one of the pairings above. And I'm not good at lemons. I can do kissing, and some feeling up, and some mention of past...acts, but I'm still a teenager, please allow me to keep my poor niave mind!